“A Great Character-Driven Romance”–Review from Lusty Penguin


“Leslie Wells writes a satisfying character-driven romance about trust and love in Come Dancing. Wells pulls the reader into her story, creatively telling the story through Julia Nash’s eyes.

Just out of graduate school in the early 1980s, Julia is trying to survive living in New York City, working at publishing house as an assistant editor. Dedicated to her job, Julia works long hours hoping to secure a promotion, which I just loved about her. While out clubbing with her best friend, Vicky, the two are called up the VIP section after catching the eyes of Jack Kipling and Sammy Parnell, two members of the rock band Four to the Floor. Julia was, and still is, a huge fan of the band and doesn’t believe for a second that Jack is really attracted to her. Not wanting to be another notch on the bedpost, Julia refuses to let Jack take her home. Jack doesn’t understand why he is attracted to Julia, because she is nothing like the girls he usually goes for. Boy, oh boy, Jack is floored that Julia doesn’t seem all that interested in him. Jack is a playful character, which I just adored about his character—along with his name because it is the same as my hubby’s. I thoroughly enjoyed how Jack gets Julia to go out with him, which brought a huge smile to my face. Julia has always found Jack to be devilishly handsome, and he was always her favorite band member. Their sexual chemistry sizzles, but Julia won’t just jump into bed with Jack right away. Julia has trust issues with men because her father left the family and her previous boyfriend returned to his wife. When Julia and Jack finally succumb to their desire their bedroom play is hot, hot, hot. As their relationship becomes serious, Julia has issues with all of the women that throw themselves at Jack. At times, Jack doesn’t fully understand Julia—her dedication to her job, her need to maintain her independence, and her insecurities about all of his previous girlfriends. Julia and Jack work through the rough patches at the beginning of their relationship. But, when a major misunderstanding occurs, both Julia and Jack handle the situation poorly. When Julia realizes that she never put her trust in Jack, and Jack recognizes the errors of his ways too, their reunion is a beautiful thing to see.

Along with this compelling couple, Wells does a masterful job of developing various secondary characters: Jack’s bandmates and Julia’s coworkers, adding depth to this story.

With a captivating and irresistible couple, Come Dancing is a riveting read that lovers of the contemporary romance genre will savor.”

—Lusty Penguin Reviews


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