“Fastest pickup line ever!”– Review from Lustful Literature


“Just a normal little book about a girl with daddy issues, looking for Mr. Right and giving up on Mr. Right now who happens to meet a rock star. Just an average reading day, right?

WRONG- so so wrong.

One- the story takes place in 1981. 1981 in New York. To be able to be in NY at that time is so cool, plus the references to leather skirts, rubber bracelets, punk bright colors. This along with the grab-me writing— I was hooked.

Julia, a non-high society book publishing assistant/editor wanna-be meets a British hottie guitarist and right there you think oh normal chick lands hot rock star- NOPE…wrong again!!!!!!!!

Julia meets Jack in a bar and he wants to meet her, but she knows who he is, and isn’t interested in being another number to him. He makes sure to meet her though. I love his lines and how he is with her. He doesn’t portray the normal rocker guy you’d think he’d be. He’s a bit smoother.

“You made me lose my spot on the couch.” Fastest pick up line ever!!

Julia doesn’t fall for his charm, to his face. She wants to, badly, but deep down she’s looking for real. He doesn’t give up. In the time of no cell phones he must resort to standing on her stoop.

The two begin friendly banter, friendly get to know you sessions that I adored. The entire storyline kept me smiling and giddy.

“I think you missed me.”

“Maybe a tiny bit,”

“Baby, you can’t tell me that. You were shakin’ hands with me johnson. ‘Sooo nice to meet you. sir.”

“I did miss you, Jack. I couldn’t wait to see you.”

“Little Jack couldn’t wait to see you too.”

There isn’t insta love, just insta lust. The flirtiness and friendship they set out on is very fun at times. Jack doesn’t hide himself. Or his past. At times Julia is confronted with it. This is the part where I really enjoyed it. I love a good angst ride and most times if a rock God is involved, angst isn’t far behind. In fact, I was left wanting more.

“But I do know you have to be able to forgive someone before you can trust them. So, Julia. You have to forgive me for all the stupid sh*t I’ve done in the past, so you can trust me going forward.”

–Lustful Literature

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