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In Come Dancing, the year is 1981 and Julia is a young woman who is involved in the book publishing world. Talk about a dream job! She is just learning her way around the real world and is trying to navigate life in the big city. It’s all very new to her, and we get to do a lot of exploring with her, which I found very exciting. She goes out with her friends and ends up meeting a guitarist for one of the hottest bands in the world at the time. Julia is totally enamored with Jack and this kicks off a great love story.

This book is about growing up and becoming an adult. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I know that it’s not necessarily historical fiction because it takes place in the such recent past, but I did appreciate reading about a time that I didn’t live through. I wasn’t born until 1985, so I have absolutely no memories of the early 1980s; however, they are endlessly fascinating to me. I loved seeing New York City at this time when so much was changing. NYC seemed like an especially exciting place to be during that time.

I really like Julia’s character and I really enjoyed the love story in the book. I was rooting for Jack and Julia the whole way. This is a very smart love story, which I really liked. This was also a really fun book which can be billed as a romance. It’s a fun romp, and their sparkling characters definitely made it worth the read.

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