Review from Michelle & Leslie’s Book Picks: “Highly Recommended”


“Ever since reading Catherine McKenzie’s Arranged a couple of months ago, I’ve been in the mood for fun women’s fiction with a strong happily-ever-after kind of romance, and I found it in Come Dancing.

The description does a good job explaining the premise of the story, but it makes it sound like Julia just pretty much fell into Jack’s bed and got really caught up in Jack’s glamorous world. That isn’t it at all. Julia had a good head on her shoulders, and that’s what I most liked about her. I loved Julia and connected with her. She’s very intelligent, bookish, and loved books (like me!), she’s at the start of her career and she has her eye on advancing (I’m also at the start of my career and working on my tenure), she knows hard work is the way to success, and did not succumb to her douche of a boss’s inappropriate come-ons.

She was really into Jack and their hot new relationship, but she did not forget about building her career in the publishing world, she didn’t use her connection with Jack and his famous friends to get ahead, she didn’t forget her friends… basically, she was still her own woman and didn’t lose herself despite the fact that she’s dating a world famous rock star. One of the big issues she had was that she never really trusted that Jack was in a monogamous relationship with her. Yes, she also had her daddy issues and her previous relationship did not end well, but I totally got where she was coming from when it came to Jack and monogamy. I never really trusted Jack myself. …

The fact that Come Dancing was set in New York in 1981 gave it an interesting flavor. I’m not familiar with the 80s (I’m a late 90s/early 2000s child), but I’m sure those who are will find a lot to bring them back to that era. I also found the peek into the world of book publishing fascinating, being the lover of books that I am. But the rampant recreational use of cocaine and weed though! Was it really like that in the 80s, or it was just the rockstar lifestyle?

There was a lot to like in Come Dancing. Julia’s choices and responses were grounded in her personality and her experiences, so I got her character. It read like a very, very good romantic comedy movie. There was drama, but nothing too dramatic. There were some steamy scenes too, so have a cool drink while you’re reading. Come Dancing was really fun, readable chick lit–I was entertained and whenever I put down the novel, I was always eager to pick it back up. Highly recommended for an entertaining weekend read.” (4 stars)

–Michelle, Michelle & Leslie’s Books Picks

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