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I was thrilled to receive this review from Teacups and Book Love!

“There have been a lot of versions to this story…the small town girl trying to make it in The Big City, the bad boy chasing the girl because she’s different. But Come Dancing really swept me away to a different time and place entirely! There was so much character and atmospheric detail for me to immerse myself in! Set in the 80’s, this is a more vintage and whimsical New York. Before digital mp3’s. Before DJ’s could perform a set all from their laptops. Before camera phones. It made me want to dig around for some vinyl records and lounge like a little hipster! 😉 The author’s attention to the little things–from the clothing, to the music–and her ability to set a unique vibe were my favorite thing about this book! It had such an interesting collection of people and places.

“Been a while since I sat on a girl’s stoop,” Jack said, gazing up at me.

Heroine Julia Nash is a simple, thrifty girl at heart (She shops at places with names like Alice Underground…Love it.), but she’s also smart, talented, and hardworking (oh, the hoops she goes through as a publisher’s assistant). I could definitely see why Jack would set his eyes on her! I even liked the quirky things, like her love for blues and her special book diary. Yet, for all her independence, there’s vulnerability right underneath. Because of her tough childhood and relationship history, she fears being hurt and left alone. She fears going back to and being stuck in her hometown. I really felt for her throughout her journey in this novel. Falling in love, furthering her career, getting over her past.

“I’m fine being alone. Sometimes, it’s just easier.” “I know what you mean. What’s even worse is when you’re with someone, and you still feel alone.”

Then, there’s Jack Kipling, British rockstar extraordinaire. The exact opposite of everything safe and sure that Julia wants. He has a reputation for being a ladies man and a wild partier…When he pursued Julia, though, he was a lot sweeter and warmer than I expected! He certainly had that rock-and-roll grit and grunge, but he was sweet and generous with Julia. It wasn’t a crazy or fast-paced romance like I thought it would be, but instead, I enjoyed the easy conversations, the more lighthearted things, and the witty quips. (The way he tricks her into finally going on a date with him? Adorable!) I certainly had my *squee* moments when Jack turned on the charm! And the steamier scenes? Hot!

He got up and placed the needle on the vinyl. “Baby, I’m your bumblebee, I got all the stinger you need,” he sang, moving his hips sinuously. He grabbed my waist and gave me a kiss that made my head spin. “Let us make some honey, baby…” “Honey,” I said, pulling him toward me by the loops of his jeans.

However, there were reminders of Jack’s old, indulgent habits everywhere this new couple went. Ex-girlfriends, competitive bandmates, a jealous manager…*eeep*…And although I thought it fit just fine with the story’s time and setting, I still want to warn readers: There is actually a lot of casual drug use in this book. No, Jack and his lifestyle aren’t perfect. It’s something that lingers in Julia’s mind and becomes a wall she has to break down.

“If we were all judged by things in our past, none of us would make the grade.”

When the inevitable wrench was thrown into their relationship, I saw that problem coming from a mile away, but it was still frustrating to watch unfold! A terrible misunderstanding, assumptions, and lashing out…But it was only the good kind of frustration, where I was upset and shaking my fists because I was rooting for the main characters to get their happy ending! There was a miserable “missing you…” phase, the bittersweet “just friends” phase, and aaah yes, the “CAN WE GET TO THE I LOVE YOU PART NOW” phase. I didn’t want to give up on these two! Although the last chapters did wrap up a little quickly for me, there IS at least a nice happily ever after.

“You’ve really gotten under my skin. Which is where I want you.”

I enjoyed reading Come Dancing! It had a good story, fascinating characters, and a charming vibe. If you enjoy rockstar/musician romances, this is definitely worth checking out!”

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