Review of Come Dancing from Must Read Books or Die


“You know what? Sometimes a book like this comes along and takes me out of the niche reading that I tend to find myself in. Yes, this is a romance but it was definitely a more literary romance. It had meat to it… a real story and I so appreciated it! I did too! I didn’t realize there would be so much “bookishness” to this story, and I am in love. So very sex+the city feel to me. I am in love.

My students, in their infinite wisdom, might call this a ‘historical’ romance as it is set in the early 80’s (haha) but even with all of the trademark 80’s references, the emotions make it very worthy of a 2014 read. Julia, working hard to make it in a publishing company, and Jack, a hard partying rock and roller, make for an entertaining couple. She makes his life interesting by not falling for his usual charms and being determined to be independent of his glamorous life. He makes life interesting by giving her a behind the scenes look at the sex, drugs and rock and roll that made up the life of an 80’s rocker.  I might’ve taken a long time to fall for Jack…but he won me over! Have I ever told you guise that “Almost Famous” is one of my favorite movies? Probably not. But it is, and this also reminded me of that with the rocker, and the would be love of his life but they’ve both been hurt so they resist…the whole entire time. My heart raced, my heart was sad, and then was happy, and then was sad. The characters in this story added so much flavor and spice to the words (such beautifully written words) that I am smiling as I am writing.

This was a fun novel. The 80’s references were authentic and a great reminder at just how different technology has made our lives, how much cleaner NYC is, and how AIDS has changed our sex lives; I thought all of these little reminders were a nice touch. I also loved the fact that there was a story here; we really got to know Julia outside of her love affair with Jack–the life of a hard working assistant trying so hard to work her way up the ladder made this so much more than a steamy romance (and there definitely was steam). You’re right. So, I may’ve been born at the end of the decade, but I still appreciate all of the things that the 80’s gave us. I did recognize the references and thought y’all would be proud. This may’ve been more “literary” than we read on a regular basis, but I highly recommend it. It has flair and sexiness. MMmmmm. So exciting!

If you’re looking for something steamy and romantic but with a little more to it, I’d definitely give this novel a look. Indeed! Love me some Leslie Wells. Can’t wait to read more from her.”

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