Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers: Keep Dancing


“Hello, book 2!  The author answered our cries of love with a second release.  It was GREAT getting reacquainted with our leads while growing those connections and friendships (and frenemy-ships) that were more outlined in the first installment.  We get to see how their two worlds mesh together for better or worse, watch as Jack and Julia struggle to lay some common milestones they wish to reach in their relationship (one’s thinking “here-comes-the-bride”, another wants to make their twosome a threesome), deal with others close to them that are trying to tear them apart (no names shall be mentioned, but I’m obviously glaring at one particular person; no, make that TWO), and learn a myriad of ways to tangle above and below the sheets.

Here, we get to see Jack and Julia take their relationship to the next level… Julia does get to meet his mother (and extended family), and their “parting gift” of sorts is two weeks with Jack’s younger self, his nephew.  Rambunctious could be an understatement to define this wee one, but he is sweet and well intentioned, and he DOES allow us to see how Jack would be as a father figure.  Despite his sweetness, I gotta give Julia props.  She was a real trooper, especially with the “great mantis release” episode (~shudders~), and his surely innocent (yet still disturbing/funny) handiness in the bedroom.  Julia may not be a domestic goddess (I have two words for you: Cornish Hens; you’ll get what I’m referring to once you read the book), but she’s a stellar gal with grammar chops to boot and a determined spirit that could turn the hardest heart to liquid gold.  (Same can be said to a degree for her fella…) Will I be sticking around to see if the next installment brings a happy ending?  You bet; especially after what happens at the end of this one.  Curious to see what fireworks are set off by this chain of events.”

—Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

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