Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers: Review of Come Dancing


“This could have been me … if I was born 20 some odd years before I actually was, attained a position in the publishing industry (that I really really REALLY hope to acquire one day), and had a bit of rhythm (yeah….not a good dancer).  This SERIOUSLY could have been me!

I always find it helps if you are able to identify with a character or characters when reading a story.  It makes it more personal somehow even though it’s truly a work of fiction.  Julia and I were cut from the same mold, from interests to playing things close to the heart, snarkability to general looks (she is a much better catch), even where she’s from (PA…woo!); the author could have taken a snapshot of my life and worked the magic of a fairy godmother to turn it into the wonderful read that it is.  Though perhaps ‘wonderful’ may not be the right word.  Now don’t get me wrong, it was GOOD with more than a capital “G”.  I simply mean that it was something more than just good.

It was surprising…on so many levels!  The author’s ability to make you feel for all the key players was essential to making things work, and work they do.  Like a well-oiled machine or a well-tuned guitar, Julia and friends work their way into your heart.  Then again, some simply get under your skin…for better or worse (*raises eyebrow*)…and the affect is totally intentional.  Just try to resist Jack and his imperfect life.  What?  You thought because he was a rock star, things were all glitter and gold?  Think again.  Then there’s the other end of the spectrum with those you’d rather see take a long dive off a short cliff….*shakes head*.  Once again, the reason for my impressed level being set to high.

It was complex…the blend of personal story with the publishing world worked well, even when they didn’t play nice.  You were never quite sure if things would work out for the unexpected couple, or quite frankly, if they WERE in fact a couple.  Doubts arose, conflict ensued, make-ups happened, but still…uneven ground was where we resided.  It reminded me of another series that I enjoyed immensely, The Publicist….and that’s definitely not a bad thing!

It was titillating…  I should have known when it involved a rock star and the editorial assistant next door; just call me naive.

In the end, it made you believe that though happily-ever-afters may not be realistic in the true storybook sense, our own versions can happen.  Sometimes it just takes some rockin’ rescued pumps and BOTH parties being the bigger person.  Now then, that’s not too much to ask…or is it?”

–Gina, Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

Photo: CCO Public Domain

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