Review of Come Dancing: So Many Books, So Little Time Reviews

Come Dancing by Leslie Wells“Come Dancing is a fun, romantic, ‘follow your heart’ kind of read.  The characters are interesting, the romance is hot and heavy, and it goes into detail about the book publishing business.  How much cooler does it get?!

I loved reading about Julia’s job in publishing.  It was fascinating to see kind of an inside view of the business (albeit the 1981 version).   It sounded like a pretty awesome job!  I liked Julia as a character a lot.  She was really smart, and I liked that she spent too much time in her head because it made her seem ‘real’.  The setting of this book was pretty awesome; New York City in the 1980s sounded like an exciting place to be.  Also, the 80s clothes!  Julia’s outfits were epic.  The relationship between Jack and Julia is pretty hot but has its issues, and is definitely not your typical ‘all puppies and rainbows’ type relationship that are often described in books. …”

–So Many Books, So Little Time (excerpt of review)