Review of Come Dancing: Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews

“This is a great story. If you’re looking to be taken back to the 80’s for a trip down memory lane, this is the book for you. I enjoyed reading Julia’s story and her time that she spends with Jack is hot! Though many give reasons on how they shouldn’t be together or why it [Keep Reading…]

Writing Tip: Always Have a Notebook With You

How many times have you been out somewhere, away from your desk, when a good idea for your book occurs to you? It’s so frustrating to try to remember that great line of dialogue that occurred while waiting to pay at the grocery store, when checking your post office box, or when you woke up in [Keep Reading…]

“Fastest pickup line ever!”– Review from Lustful Literature

“Just a normal little book about a girl with daddy issues, looking for Mr. Right and giving up on Mr. Right now who happens to meet a rock star. Just an average reading day, right? WRONG- so so wrong. One- the story takes place in 1981. 1981 in New York. To be able to be [Keep Reading…]

Writing Tip: Kill Your Darlings

Writing Tip: Kill Your Darlings All writers are familiar with the phrase, “Kill your darlings.” As painful as it can be, often this is good advice. Sometimes the scene or section in a book that’s our favorite—our most cherished chapter, where we’ve worked in elaborate hidden symbolism, a reference to our favorite classic novel or [Keep Reading…]

“Flawless and engaging”–Review from The Danish Bookaholic

“To say that I was pleasantly surprised by this book would be an understatement… Miss Wells has given us a really great romance novel that is true to how life was like when you were young and living in the metropolis that is New York. Although I have read quite a few books about “the [Keep Reading…]