#Throwback Thursdays: Top Ten New York City Clubs in the 1980s


Photo: Dossier/Creative Commons

For the next few Thursdays, I’m going to write about various great places to dance in NYC in the 1980s. All of these clubs have bitten the dust, but they were fantastic back in the day.

1. The Palladium 126 East 14th Street

I loved writing about The Palladium in my novel, Come Dancing. Located on East 14th Street in New York City, it was a great place to go out dancing. Previously it had been a rock music venue and then was turned into a nightclub that occasionally held concerts; in fact, many bands made their US debuts there, including The Clash, U2, and Roxy Music. Springsteen played there, as well as the Rolling Stones, and KISS (in 1980). I saw Cyndi Lauper perform there in the early 80s when she was with her original group, Blue Angel (before her first big hit, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”). The music was a mix of punk and rock; you’d hear anything from The Talking Heads to Madonna to the Stones over the course of a night. The venue was a huge space on the main floor, and you could go upstairs and look down over the balcony railing. There was a guy who would walk around with a big camera on his shoulder; he would video people as they danced and the film was shown on the huge back wall, so everyone in the club could see. (I described the whole scene in chapter two.) Alas, the Palladium closed in 1997.

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